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finally free, the palo alto veteran who was detained for the last month in north korea, his bay area reunion with his family and new calls to release another u.s. citizen. plus, preparing to pay respects to a civil rights icon. how the family of nelson mandela is comforting mourners at his home. and the cold snap, a warning for sierra drivers a and how long the freeze warning will last for the bay area. nbc bay area news starts now. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. and we start with a developing story, the 85-year-old palo alto man held in north korea is free tonight, back in the bay area.
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nbc's bay area kimberly terry has more on the newly released photo of him, kimberly? >> reporter: that is right, dianna, happy to be home, we want to show you the photo of merrill newman and his wife, happy at home. he says he is truly grateful for all the support he and his family have received during this ordeal. korean war veteran merrill newman arrived at san francisco international airport to a group of media. he held hands with his wife, lee, and his son, jeff, was beside him. >> good morning, i'm delighted to be home. i want to thank the swedish embassy in korea. >> reporter: he was released with humanitarian gesture, based
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on his age. >> it is a great homecoming, and i'm tired, ready to be with my family now. and thank you all for the support we got. and very much appreciate it. >> reporter: newman was getting ready to leave north korea october 26th after a ten-day visit there when he was taken off the plane. the government detained him for more than a month, accusing him of being a criminal involved in the killing of civilians during the korean war. this video released on state-run television november 29th shows newman reading a handwritten apology. the political experts say it was likely written by the north korean government which has a reputation for coercing the detainees. he said the food was healthy. newman said it had always been a dream of his to return to north korea. >> would you go back again? >> probably not. >> reporter: at the retirement
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home where newman lives with his wife, yellow ribbons were tied around the tree, and then, a symbol of hope that he would return safely. now, a sign of the hope fulfilled. we want to give you another look of the newly released photo. newman reportedly turned down an invitation to ride home on the air force one. he took a direct commercial flight home to the bay area. live, kimberly terry, bay area news. all right, thank you very much kim, kim said they released newman because he apologized for his alleged crimes and because of his age and medical condition. and as mentioned also, joe biden is in south korea right now meeting with u.s. soldiers as part of the 60th anniversary of armistice. he praised north korea for releasing newman and added he
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didn't play any direct role in newman's release. he also called attention to k kennets bae, who they say should be released also, authorities released bae last year, he was a missionary and tour operator. he was sentenced in may to 15 years of hard labor, on charges of committing hostile acts against north korea. and merrill newman is our top story here in the bay area. and the cold weather could have been the cause of another death, the man was found dead in dublin, if the exposure to cold caused his death he would be the fifth person to die as a result of the cold weather. speaking of that cold weather we
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have new details on a water main break in castro valley that caused quite a mess. the crews were back early this morning, filling in the 10 x 15 foot sinkhole that opened up last night. this is what the street looked like about 24 hours ago, a mess, the rushing water flooding several homes, causing the sinkhole in the first place which ended up follswallowing ue wheel of the fire truck, as well. and in the south bay, four people are dead because of exposure to the cold. tonight, community groups are doing all they can to help people survive. nbc bay area has more on the efforts. jean? >> reporter: diane, during this cold weather, the life builders shelter is extending their hours, tonight they will be open for 24 hours. and the normal lottery system is being replaced by all are welcome. dozens filed into the shelter tonight. they're getting their bed roll and settling in for the night, with temperatures reaching
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dangerous lows. organizers want the people nice, four people died due to the weather, three in san jose, one in saratoga. and three spent the day out in the field delivering blankets and socks too people who don't want to come into the shelter, they handed out so many blankets supplies are low. and coming up at 6:00, we'll talk to people that came to donate. and we'll talk to them about what is motivating them to help. >> all right, we'll see you at 6:00. thank you, jean. nbc bay area's anthony slaughter joins us with a look at the forecast and weather. what is going on? >> the freeze weather has been extended until monday morning, initially this was until monday morning, now they believe it will stay very cold. the good news is, there are clouds building offshore. the cloud s mean it will not be
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as cold as this morning, temperatures from santa rosa to napa, even over towards livermore, san jose, and san mateo expected to be cold tonight. look at monday morning, temperatures close to 20 in places like napa and santa rosa, even san jose tomorrow night expected to get down to 27 degrees. now if you can recall and just take your mind back, this is the seventh consecutive morning we've seen with temperatures below 32 degrees for napa, and of course that takes a long effect on your body, we want to make sure you're taking it easy, i'll have more coming up. good advice, thank you. and caltrans possibly looking at shutting down the area, people on the grapevine were stuck for miles, crews shut down all lanes about 9:30 this morning, the chp started to let drivers through at 1:30 this afternoon, a long, long delay.
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and the snow here produced quite a bit of snow in sierra, placerville reporting four inches of new snow, we'll show you the slopes coming up later. and right now if you plan to head that direction, chains are required on summit 80 and highway 50. and today is december 7th, which makes it exactly 72 years since the attack on pearl harbor, thousands of people gathered there to commemorate the anniversary, including the world war ii survivors of the attack. early in the morning, the japanese war planes bombed the home port of the united states pacific fleet. about 1200 were wounded and killed in that attack. south africa is preparing for the arrival of world leaders for the funeral of nelson mandela, thousands gathered to pray in tribute to the former president. among the crowds outside his
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home in johannesburg was his grandson who handed out apples to those who came to pay their respects. a spokesperson was joined by another grandson to deliver a message expressing the family's grief. >> the pillar of the family is gone. just as he was away during that 27 painful years of ñr imprisonment. but in our hearts and souls he will always be with us. his spirit endures. >> nelson mandela's funeral is set for next sunday, december 15th. and coming up next, the simple thing that some families take for granted, finding a safe place for kids to play. the nonprofit organization that wants to do that for children in each bay city. and he is back, there he is, braving chilly weather to kick off a special fundraiser and all the hype over his return to san francisco.
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a nonprofit in the east bay is hoping to provide a safer environment for children to play in east oakland, today, the group called east oakland community play date held their monthly event. kids and families had the opportunity to get a healthy breakfast, do arts and crafts
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and listen to live music, among other things. but organizers say their goal is to provide a better future in east oakland. >> we're not exactly sure how we'll help the next generation learn to change the statistics of gun violence and poor outcome for their livelihood without actuallyúgítting to know one another, and without faith to bond and form new relationships. >> just come out one saturday and check it out. you give the kids a chance to be kids if they can in their own neighborhoods. >> east oakland community play date is in the middle of a month-long on-line fundraiser to the crowd-pleasing website. you can search east oakland to find out more. and the kid known as bat kid returned to the area today. miles scott kicked off the brave
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the bay 5 k run and triathlon in san francisco today. scott is a cancer survivor and it benefits the make a wish foundation. last month in san francisco, they helped to make his dream come true fighting crime as batman. there you see him with the chief, as well. and the mega millions lottery is up, in march, mega millions paid out $650 million, the prize split three ways, each winner took home 300 million after taxes, not to complain about that. one prize was actually never claimed. a single winner in tuesday's drawing would take home $184 million in cash. coming up next, we continued to track the severe weather all around the country where snow and ice are causing problems for
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drivers and property owners. we'll be right back. i
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minut . the winter blast we're feeling here in the bay area is also being felt across this country, oregon is digging out from heavy snow, and in texas, temperatures during the week gave way to freezing temperatures and closing schools, cancelling more than a thousand flights. today's marathon in memphis, tennessee was also cancelled.
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road crews across much of the country are bracing for a very busy weekend. it is a mess out there. and here in california, check out the time lapse video showing the snow that built up overnight. they reported seeing 18 inches of snow by this morning. meteorologist anthony slaughter is keeping track of all of this. it is cold out there. >> being from boston, of course we always talk about this, you know, it is something we don't usually see here across the bay area, but the cold temperatures definitely made it feel like home. you can see clear skies for the most part, still have clouds in san francisco. and here is the thing, as we head through the overnight hours there are clouds off the coast, and those coastal clouds will move just a bit, insulating the bay. it won't be too cold tomorrow, near freezing in some locations. you notice the oakland time line
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brings things around. the clouds tomorrow meaning insulation overnight. acting like a blanket. we're not going to get as cold, but once again, near freezing, it feels the same. we have the area of low pressure moving through, this thing that came in this morning brought rain with it. a force of cold air, the first cold front you may recall moved through thursday. it continues to bring in both of those cold fronts, lots of cold air from the arctic, so the arctic air will remain in place at least 48 hours. the freeze warning we told you about at the top of the hour goes for tonight, temperatures fall in the 20s and 30s across most of the board. napa 25, livermore, 30, san jose, 32. look at what happens as we head into tomorrow night and monday morning, low 20s in the north bay, even the potential for that down by places like san martin, and san jose, down to 27 degrees. here is the thing, just a little black ice advice, if you are
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going to be taking to the roads tonight through tomorrow morning between 9:00, you definitely want to pay attention to the slick spots. here is the thing you notice, black ice looks wet, so you really don't get a chance to at least notice it even if it is dark just because of that light. it kind of glazes over it, so it is the definite loss of traction, so only apply the brakes lightly because the more you hit it the more you spin out. the other thing is pay close attention to the other drivers around you, because we always say it was never us, right? and temperatures will be cold across the board, 45 in napa, oakland, 45, look at the morning lows again back in the 20s, very chilly to start the day even across the trivalley. you will notice, not warming a whole lot, mid-40s for places like livermore, of course we'll
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although o thaw out in the 20s in some places across the bay area, a little bit of warming, the coldest tomorrow night, bring in plants, of course remember your pets. the thing is once we start to get in the hours of 32 degrees or below, you definitely want to make sure you get inside yourself and take care of your body. because of course, we're in seven days of temperatures below 32 degrees in the morning, so this will definitely take a toll on our bodies, back to you diane. >> all right, good advice, thank you, anthony. well, google teaming up with x prize to go to the moon, they will have about $40 million at stake. but google and x prize are also reaching out to the next generation of scientists, here is a good example at the lawrence science berkeley, they are creating what they call an apollo moment for the next
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generation. there is also a documentary called back to the moon for good. showing the progress the teams made so far in order to get back to the moon in 2015. the document runs through the holidays. of course, that is a very cool exhibit. and brody brazil joins us. >> this story is almost impossible to tackle by itself, that is why we're here to digest and tackle it. it is a possible move back wards. we'll tell us what happened in the last 24 hours that might have been held from us, the public for the last six months. and one of the best rivalries in the nfl kicks off. the 49ers to host the seahawks with lots of implications on the line tomorrow. plus, it could be the second to last game ever at the stick. a full preview coming up next.
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well, the seahawks have already secured a spot in the nfl playoffs, but if they win at candle stick, they will also clinch the afc west. and they have a lot to play for as they try to defeat seattle for the fifth straight time here in the bay area. >> about what it is supposed to be about. two good football teams, should be a very exciting game. our guys are ready, they have had a really good week of practice. i think that is where it starts. and the preparation, they're excited to play this game. >> we don't like them, they don't like us. i don't know, i don't have a magic answer for why it is intense, but it just is. a physical game every time we play. there is bad blood there, i guess. >> it is imperative we win this
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game, this is seattle, they're 11 and 1, i believe. they have been playing good football. you know, everyone is talking about them. san jose this, that, they're so good. so it is imperative that we beat this team. and we come out with a victory. i mean, we can't accept anything less. >> meanwhile, the raiders play the jets tomorrow at 10 a.m. where they will try to win a gym on the east coast for the first time since 2009. now seven of those 12 consecutive losses have occurred in the past two seasons, quarterback matt mcgoin knows how the end the frustrations already. >> well, we win sunday, that is how you do that. but no, it is -- you know, obviously, statistic is not something we're proud of. you know, any time you're traveling across the country to play it will be difficult. but for me, i'm you know -- it is exciting to go back east. i grew up two hours from that stadium, playing in the cold weather will be a nice change for me.
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but it is not something we're aware of. that stat right there. and we're keeping that in the back of our minds. >> man, i have heard that so much, my years here about growing up on the east coast, but like i said this is football, this is what we're paid to do. this is what we love to do. we play at 10:00, 8:00 a.m., 5:30 in the morning, you know, you just have to go out there and play. >> and looking at the challenge as seen here on bay area, tiger woods on the tenth, woods with a chance of a birdie. he gets it as he sinks it. woods takes that approach. and appeals back to within ten feet of the pen. then on 18, woods drains the birdie putt. gives him a lead here, you can watch it right here on the nbc bay area. and we leaves with the blog log,
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today uncovered a foul last night alleging that major league baseball has already rejected the oakland's projected move to san jose, doing it back in june. all of this stems from the city of san jose, this is just getting good but not good if you want to see the oakland a's in the south bay. we'll be right back.
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. dozens of terminal ill bay area children were treated to a trip to the north pole this afternoon, a version of the north pole, that is. the kids boarded a plane at san francisco international airport, boarded it at least, when they walked off the plane they decorated it to look just like the north pole. in addition to that, kristi
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yamaguchi were there to join in on the celebration. have a great evening. at last, for an american war veteran held prisoner by north korea for more than a month. the 85-year-old finally freed by his captors. what's behind his release? deadly freeze. tens of millions on alert tonight as two big storms grip much of the country. thousands stranded at airports, hundreds of thousands without power and there is more ice in the forecast. and remembering mandela, we're here in south africa as the country celebrates his life and prepares to say farewell. tonight, we look back at a key moment in the struggle against apartheid, and look behind one of the most famous photos of mandela, taken the day he was released from prison.
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